• First Form Latin, Year 2

    First Form Latin, Year 2 for September 20th

    This week we continue with Lesson XXI. Complete the workbook exercises for XXI and study for the quiz on Friday.  Make sure you know the Latin saying, the grammar chart, and the vocabulary for XXI.  Remember you will need to put the full nominative and genitive as well as the gender for each noun. On each quiz there will also be a review portion from 2 previous lessons, this week it will be Lesson I & II. Make sure to review these thoroughly.  Also, you will only have 10 minutes to take the quiz, so you must be able to recall the material quickly.  You will not have time to…

  • First Form Latin, Year 2

    First Form Latin, Year 2

    I continue to be well please with how all my students are doing with the review.  We start new material this week, but we will never stop reviewing, so there will always be a review aspect to your homework. This week, you will need to review pages 36 and 37 (Units I & II Review) for a review test (more like a quiz, but with a test grade) on Friday. This will include 10 vocabulary words (I will give you the English, and you will give me the Latin.), all four charts and page 36,  and six Laying sayings (I will give the Latin sayings in Latin with one or…

  • First Form Latin, Year 2

    First Form Latin, Year 2 for September 6th

    Below is a link to the homework for this week.  Please print it out, complete it neatly, and bring it to class on Friday. We will exchange papers and grade these in class.  It will be for a grade, but it is open book. Remember, if your writing is illegible, then your answer is wrong! If you have any problems printing these sheets off, please let me know by Tuesday. Happy Labor Day! First Form Latin Unit III Review  

  • First Form Latin, Year 2

    First Form Latin, Year 2 for August 30th

    Let me just say how pleased I am with how prepared you ALL were on Friday!  Keep up the excellent work! For this week, commit to memory Lesson XIII (Units I & II Review).  Remember, you should be able to give the 4 principal parts for every verb and conjugate each 1st conjugation verb in all 6 tenses.  Don’t forget the all important verb – sum, esse, fui, futurus. Looking forward to a great review on Friday!

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    First Form Latin, Year 2 for August 23rd

    Welcome to First Form Latin, Year 2! We will start with a review of last year’s material.  It is essential that you have a firm grasp on the units you covered previously.  For this week review/study units 1 & 2 reviews.  To help you do this the following is a link to Quizlet to help you have some fun while you review:  https://quizlet.com/audreygleckie/folders/first-form-latin-year-2 .  I’m looking forward to Friday to see what you remember!  Have a great first week!