First Form Latin, Year 2 for April 24th


I don’t know if you have realized it or not yet, but there is no new material for the remainder of the year, only review!!!  I know I don’t need to remind you, though, that review is critically important in Latin studies.

We will be starting Lesson XXXIII this week. This is a review of Unit V. Your assignment is to complete the first 3 workbook pages of Lesson XXXIII.

For the next three weeks you will be taking parts of your FINAL EXAM.

Your TEST will be from Lesson XXXIV and some of Lessons XIV & XV.  I will test you on all 6 tenses of the 1st conjugation verb “amo.”  Also, the test will cover the 1st column of verbs from page 85, accuso – muto.  I will give you the English and you will give me the Latin.  For example:  to accuse = accuso, are, avi, atus.  Also:  to burn = ardeo, ardere, arsi, arsus.  So, if the verb is regular you will write the answer like the “to accuse” example.  If the verb is irregular you will write the answer out completely like the “to burn” example.  Hint* There will be more irregular verbs on the quiz than regular ones.  Lastly, you will need to know the vocabulary from Lessons XIV and XV.  Again, I will give the English, and you will give the Latin in COMPLETE DICTIONARY FORM.

The bonus = Tell me what the 5 declensions are and for what they are used. Worth +5 points!

Please text me with any questions.