First Form Latin, Year 2 for May 8th


This week we continue with our year-end review.  We will take part 3 (the LAST part) of the final exam this week.

We will start Lesson XXXIV, the LAST Lesson, this week. This is a review of Units. I, II & V. Your assignment is to complete worksheet pages 1, 2, and 4 (pages 176, 177, & 179).

Your TEST will be from Lesson XXXIV and Lesson XIX.  I will test you on all 6 tenses of the irregular verb “sum.”   Also, you will need to know the vocabulary from Lesson XIX, ordinal and cardinal numbers.  Again, I will give the English, and you will give the Latin in COMPLETE DICTIONARY FORM.  The numbers are adjectives, so for the ordinal numbers you must write the answer like this:  first = primus, a, um.  The cardinal numbers are also adjectives, but not all of them decline (specifically 4-10).  The numbers 2 & 3 have declinable forms, but they are not taught in this book.  You will only be required to give all three genders for number 1, that is, “unus, a, um.”

Your bonus will be to decline 2 regular nouns, one from fourth declension and one from fifth declension.  They are worth 3 points each for a total of 6 points.