• – Primer on Classical Christian education. This is the place to start.
  • – The site of the authors of The Well Trained Mind, an introduction to Classical education at home.
  • – Site of Dr. George Grant, creator and teacher of our humanities curriculum, Gileskirk. Don’t miss his blog, or his newest educational endeavor, New College Franklin at
  • – Association of Classical and Christian Schools. The many articles archived from the Classis newsletters are enlightening.


  • –  Scholars Online is a Classical Christian online tutorial offering Latin and Greek, History, Government, Literature, Writing, and many Science classes.  We are taking astronomy online from Dr. McMenomy and it is an amazing course.  Highly recommended!
  • – Escondido Tutorials, and Oxford Tutorials, as well as others offer Latin, Logic, Great Books tutorials, and others. We have taken Latin from Dr. Norm Lund at Oxford Tutorials and it was very educational.


  • – Request a catalog, they are beautiful and educational. Don’t miss the link to Dorothy Sayers’ article “The Lost Tools of Learning.”