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    7th Grade Jensen’s Grammar

    Happy fall break! Homework for October 25th: Reread/review lessons 18-20. Work homework exercises 18-20. Parents, please check work using the answer key and help with correcting mistakes. Bring any questions to class. Bring the workbook to class every week.

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    7/8 Grade Literature

    Happy fall break! Assignment for October 25th: Begin reading Hittite Warrior by Joanne Williamson. Read the introduction, prologue, and chapters 1-7. Complete daily vocabulary and reading notes to turn in for a notebook check on Friday. A quiz made up of 10 simple comprehension questions will be given in class each week covering the assigned chapters to hold students accountable for keeping up with the reading. The way to study is simply to read. Character analysis due 10/25: Write a character analysis of any character of your choice from The Cat of Bubastes. Describe the character’s attributes and what is admirable (or not admirable) about the character. Refer to the…

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    October 7-11 You will need to finish the last part of quiz 7, finish reading all of Module 4. Finish all OYO, SGQ, Definitions and study for your Module 4 test. In preparation for Friday’s class you will need to read over Exp. 4.1 on pg. 107-108, Exp. 4.2 pg.110-111, Exp. 4.3 pg. 114. For extra credit don’t forget to bring in your mushrooms, shelf fungi, and puffballs. Make every effort to complete your lab reports in class. Your quiz this week will be take home. I will also pass out Module 4 test for you to take at home. All of Module 4 and any missing/late work will be…

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    4th-6th History

    Week 7 September 30- October 4​ This week: Moses, Plagues, Exodus, and 10 Commandments Study Fast Facts #7 (Quiz on Friday) Practice recitation: 10 Commandments. Due December 13.   Reading Discussion Other Day 1 Read Exodus 1-2 or Ch. 32 in CSB   Read Streams of Civilization “The Middle Kingdom” pp. 47-49 “Egypt’s New Kingdom pp. 52-60   Read Acts 7:19-22 and Hebrews 11:23-27 • How many people came with Joseph’s family to settle in Egypt? • What happened after Joseph and his brothers died? • What is the new Pharaoh worried about? • What command did Pharaoh give concerning Hebrew children? • Who may have been the Pharaoh when…

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    Second Form Latin Mackey 8/23

    Salvete, amici Latinae Do not forget to check your syllabus for each week in Latin.  This week complete Lesson 1 in your workbook and review it regularly for the quiz on Friday. To do well on the quiz you need to know: Latin sayings from the Latin to English.  All the Vocabulary words in the lesson including the numbers from the English to Latin, and the declension endings reviewed in the lesson.  A few translation opportunities will also be given.

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    3rd – 6th Grade Bible Week 1

    Welcome to Bible class!  This week you will read Chapters 1 – 4 in the New Testament section of The Children’s Story Bible.  It begins on page 263.  Your memory verse for this week is John 14:6.  There is a section in your binder where I typed out all of the memory verses.  Don’t forget to practice your Sanctifinders.  You will have to make copies of the one provided in the notebook.  I hope you all have a great week!

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    First Form Latin, Year 2 for August 23rd

    Welcome to First Form Latin, Year 2! We will start with a review of last year’s material.  It is essential that you have a firm grasp on the units you covered previously.  For this week review/study units 1 & 2 reviews.  To help you do this the following is a link to Quizlet to help you have some fun while you review:  https://quizlet.com/audreygleckie/folders/first-form-latin-year-2 .  I’m looking forward to Friday to see what you remember!  Have a great first week!  

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    Elementary Chemistry and Physics

    Science Fair I am so proud of everyone’s accomplishments in our Science Fair! You all did awesome! Congratulations on a job well done! Please hang on to your boards. I need to check with the end-of-the-year program coordinator to see if there will be room to display all of them. I know there were some of our families who couldn’t make it to the science fair. So this would give them an opportunity to see the displays. If space is an issue for the end-of-the-year program, we may display the top three from each age category. We will simplify matters and ONLY bring the boards. There are too many delicate,…