First Form Latin, Year 2 for March 27th

This week we start Lesson XXXI.  This lesson covers the four principal parts of the second conjugation. Read and study the lesson carefully and be able to give the regular 4PP for moneo, appareo, debeo, habeo, prohibeo, terreo, and taceo.  For example:  moneo, monere, monui, monitus.

The four principal parts can be translated this way with moneo:  moneo (I warn), monere (to warn), monui (I have warned), monitus (warned).

The following verbs are have irregular PP and must be memorized individually:  timeo, valeo, doceo, teneo, ardeo, jubeo, maneo.  Their irregular PP are found on page 79 of your textbook.

Please go back to Lesson VII and review the 4PP of first conjugation.  For example: amo, amare, amavi, amatus.  There are 4 first conjugation verbs with irregular PP.  They are do, sto, juvo, and lavo.  You can find their PP on page 25 of your workbook.

Don’t forget to review the Present System Chart for Second Conjugation found on page 78.

Lessons XXXI Latin saying this week is a good example of the 2nd PP (infinitive):  Docere, delectare, movere. To teach, to delight, to move.

Your quiz for Friday will be on 1st & 2nd conjugation principal parts (be able to put ALL the words from Textbook page  79 AND 24 & 25 in their 4 PP), and Lesson XXXI Latin saying.

This week, complete Workbook pages 1 & 2, pages 161 & 162.  If you have ANY questions about this lesson or these exercises, PLEASE call or text me.  I would be DELIGHTED to talk you through it!

Finally, I thought this was a good reminder for this week:  Per aspera ad astra!