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    NOVEMBER 11-15 I trust that you had a great class with Mrs. Amy. This week you will need to finish all of Module 14. In class we will look at leaves on a microscopic level and discuss the classification of plants. We will have a quiz in class so be prepared. Make sure you have all your study guide questions answered. I will pass out Module 14 tests to be taken at home. I will also give you a study guide for the midterm for you to start working on. November 22 we will have another oral quiz in class so continue to study all your past quizzes. Make sure…

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    October 21-25 BIOLOGY

    OCTOBER 21-25 Remember that we will have an oral quiz in class this Friday. It will come from quizzes 1-8. Take Module 4 test this week. All of Module 4 is due this Friday. If you have any outstanding assignments missing this is the last Friday to turn them in or it will result in a zero. Begin Module 5. Read pg. 125-140; OYO pg. 128, 130, 131, 133, 140; SGQ 2-11; Definitions A-M. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE ABOUT ANY ASSIGNMENT OR NEED HELP, PLEASE CONTACT ME. BE A BLESSING TO SOMEONE EVERY DAY.