First Form Latin, Year 2 for May 15th

First Form Latin, Oral Recitation (Complete)


Salvete, Discipuli Latinae!

You have made it to the end of First Form Latin, yet for most of you this is just a springboard to further Latin studies.  I am very proud of you, and I encourage you to glance at your Latin every once in a while over the summer, so you don’t lose the progress you have worked so hard to achieve all year.

Your assignment this week is to  completely review the attached (at the top of this post) First Form Latin Oral Recitation Review 3 times.  If you can keep this knowledge fresh in your mind over the summer, you will have a very easy transition into your next level of Latin in the fall.

God bless you all,

Mrs. Leckie

(662) 397-3234