First Form Latin, Year 2 for March 20th

Salvete discipuli!

Things are working a little differently this week, but nothing we can’t handle!  I urge you to be diligent, patient, and helpful to your parents (particularly with younger siblings).  I am confident you will rise to the challenge and be a blessing to all those around you.

This week for Latin we are continuing in Lesson XXX.  Finish the workbook pages and prepare for the quiz that I will send to you on Thursday via email.  Please complete the quiz and email it to me by the end of Friday.  If emailing it is a problem, just take a legible picture of it and text it to me.

The quiz on Lesson XXX will include the vocabulary (know the complete dictionary form) and the Latin saying.

One of my favorite Martin Luther hymns is “Deus noster refugium et virtus.”