• 9th-12th Biology,  No Category


    NOVEMBER 11-15 I trust that you had a great class with Mrs. Amy. This week you will need to finish all of Module 14. In class we will look at leaves on a microscopic level and discuss the classification of plants. We will have a quiz in class so be prepared. Make sure you have all your study guide questions answered. I will pass out Module 14 tests to be taken at home. I will also give you a study guide for the midterm for you to start working on. November 22 we will have another oral quiz in class so continue to study all your past quizzes. Make sure…

  • First Form Latin, Year 2

    First Form Latin, Year 2 for November 15th

    This week we started learning the 4th declension in Lesson XXV.  Begin working on the workbook pages; they are not due until the 22nd.  Your quiz this week will be over the 4th declension chart and the vocabulary, as well as this week’s saying, Senatus Populusque Romanus. Make sure you don’t just say you’ll study, but actually do it – “Acta non verba.” See you Friday!  

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    7/8 Grade Literature

    Assignment for November 15th: Finish Hittite Warrior. Read chapters 22-28. Complete daily vocabulary and reading notes to turn in for a notebook check on Friday. I did not check notebooks yesterday. I will catch up on the 15th. A quiz made up of 10 simple comprehension questions will be given in class each week covering the assigned chapters to hold students accountable for keeping up with the reading. The way to study is simply to read. Character Analysis due November 22nd: Each student must write about the protagonist, Uriah Tarhund. Please finish reading the book first. It may be turned in this Friday if ready, but it is due no…

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    7th Grade Jensen’s Grammar

    Assignment for November 15th: Take home Test 5 is due. The back page is bonus for this test and the next. Study any mistakes from Test 4. If your child’s test 4 was not returned Friday, photos will be sent by text or email before Tuesday. An optional way to study is take Test 5B from the test booklet as a pre-test. Reread/review lessons 26-27. Work homework exercises 26-27. Parents, please check work using the answer key and help with correcting mistakes. Bring any questions to class. Bring the workbook to class every week. Looking ahead: There will not be a semester exam in this class since each test is…

  • 9th-12th Literature

    Nov. 8

    *Read The Odyssey, Books 10-12 *Read Heroes, “In No Man’s Land” *Be able to discuss review and thought questions Please make sure you are reading so we can have great discussions in class.

  • 7th & 8th History

    7th-8th History – Israel – Week 2

    KINGS – SAUL & DAVID Day 1 – Read 1 Samuel 8 & 9; Saul’s death, 1 Samuel 31; A House For My Name, pp. 129-135. Look up Deuteronomy 17:14-20. Did Saul violate any of these requirements for kings? Day 2 – David’s anointing, 1 Samuel 16-18; A House For My Name, pp. 136-141. Day 3 – David’s reign, 2 Samuel 1-10; A House For My Name, pp. 141-153. Day 4 – David’s downfall, 2 Samuel 11-18. RECITATION – “The Destruction of Sennacherib,” by Lord Byron, & Hezekiah’s Prayer – 2 Kings 19:15-20. JUDGES Nation of Israel- Week 1 Day 1 – Deborah, Judges, ch. 4 & 5. Day 2…

  • Rhetoric

    Classical Rhetoric

    UPDATED SYLLABUS 2019-2020 Date Assignment Aug. 29                      Introduction and overview. Read Introduction to Rhetorica ad Herennium (esp. pp. xviii-xxi). Aug. 30                        Read Rhetorica, Book I, pp. 3-23 (through para. VII).  Outline and be prepared to discuss the five canons                                        of rhetoric (p. 7), means by which they may be attained, the six parts of a discourse (p. 9), the four types                     …