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    Shurley English 6 for January 25th

    Happy MLK Jr. day! Your parents permitting, you may take an English break today! For the week, finish chapter 18, lessons 1-4. Don’t forget to consistently review your vocabulary. The questions in the vocabulary section of your tests are worth 2 points each, and you can easily drop a letter grade if you’re not careful. For Composition, there is no writing assignment, but you will have a quiz on the following terms (figures of description or FODS): Anemographia, Dendrographia, Ethopoeia, Astrothesia, Chorographia, and Chronographia.  The quiz will be matching😀

  • 3rd-6th History

    Week of January 13th

    This week we will be studying The Age of Industry…John D. Rockefeller, Heinz, Andrew Carnegie and so on.   Quiz on Friday.   Have a great week. If your children have time this week, they might like to watch the videos on these three men who accomplished great things in their time. John D Rockefeller Biography – TeacherTube   https://www.teachertube.com/video/john-d-rockefeller-biography-233398 There is a video on Andrew Carnegie…Jiillian Malone The Life of Andrew Carnegie – YouTube Cornelius Vanderbilt – YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwH0ekDc01A  

  • 3rd-6th History

    Week of January 06th

    It was wonderful being back with your children.  🙂 I gave them fast facts and reading material for this week.  There are two cards this week…Reconstructing the South and Black Leadership.   Your page for this week reflects #17 and #18 (on the fast facts), but it should reflect only 17.  These two cards are what threw the weeks off here on to the end of the year.  So, do not look at the weeks from this point on…look at the title for the week.  The titles are correct…the weeks are what are incorrect.  I have corrected this for the next time this is taught. Have a great week!  …

  • 3rd-6th History

    Week of December 30th

    Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  May you all have a fantastic start to 2019.  🙂 We are going to start the year off by studying Completion of the Transcontinental Railroad…week 16.  A quiz will be given on Friday on the fast facts. I have noticed in my book there are no pages for week 17 and week 18.  🙁  I will get these to you.  If you by some miracle have these in your book, please let me know.  I do not think you will…just hoping. Have a great week!  I cannot wait to see your children.  🙂