• 7th & 8th History

    7th-8th History – Israel – Week 5

      ISRAEL CONQUERED BY ASSYRIA; JUDAH CARRIED INTO CAPTIVITY BY BABYLON – Day 1 – Destruction of Israel – 2 Kings 17; A House For My Name, pp. 189-196; Streams of Civilization, pp. 96-97. Read Nahum 1:8.  Do you know what happened to Nineveh? Day 2 – Judah Carried into Captivity by Babylon – 2 Kings 25; A House For My Name, pp. 196-201;  Streams of Civilization, pp. 100-103. See if you can find a description of The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.  Then find a list of the other Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Day 3 – Daniel, ch. 1-3; A House For My Name, pp. 201-208. Judah was…

  • Shurley Grammar 6

    Shurley English 6 for December 6th

    Welcome back from Thanksgiving! This week finish Chapter 13, Lessons 2-4.  There is no writing assignment this week.  Use the extra time to polish up on your synonym/antonym pairs. Parents:  When we start back to school in January, we will be switching from Shurley English 6 Composition to Classical Composition.  If your student doesn’t already have Memoria Press’ Classical Composition I, Fable Stage, this would be an excellent time to order it.  Thank you!

  • 9th-12th Biology,  No Category


    DECEMBER 2-6 I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving break. It is time to get back to school for two more weeks. I encourage you to finish this semester strong. Your leaf collection is due this Friday, December 6. If you have any questions about this assignment please contact me.. In class Friday we will dissect flowers. Please read over Experiment 15.1 before class. We will examine pollen under the microscope. We will complete a lab report in class. The grade you make on your lab report will also be your quiz grade. We will also spend some time reviewing for the midterm. Look over your study guide and see if…

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    7th Grade Jensen’s Grammar

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break with family. We have so much for which to give thanks to our good God who is so faithful to His people. Now Christmas break is right around the corner! Jensen’s Grammar 7 assignment for December 6th: Take home Test 6 is due. The back page is bonus for the last time and will be graded beginning with the next test. Study any mistakes from Test 5. An optional way to study is take Test 6B from the test booklet as a pre-test. Review/reread lesson 32. Work homework exercises 31-32. There is no need to review or reread lesson 31. We will…

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    7/8 Grade Literature

    I hope that everyone had a blessed time together with family giving thanks to our gracious God. I am thankful for the privilege of teaching your children. They are a delight! Now we only have two more weeks until Christmas break. 😊 7/8 Grade Literature assignment for December 6th: Read The Children’s Homer by Padraic Colum: Chapters IX-XVI. We will only read Part I before Christmas and continue with Part II in the new year. Complete daily vocabulary and reading notes to turn in for a notebook check on Friday. A quiz made up of 10 simple comprehension questions will be given in class each week covering the assigned chapters…

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    First Form Latin, Year 2 for November 22nd

    This week finish workbook exercises for Lesson XXV.  I will check this for completion on Friday. We found out last Friday that we are a bit rusty on the perfect system verb conjugations, therefore, we will have a quiz on these on Friday.  The quiz will come from the information on page 34 of Lesson XII.  Know the chart.  Also, there will be translations taken directly for Lesson 10 of the Workbook, Drills A, B, & C. A good way to study would be to start with the chart in front of you and work through the drills making sure you understand what the meanings are, i.e. what the action…