• First Form Latin, Year 2

    First Form Latin, Year 2 for September 20th

    This week we continue with Lesson XXI. Complete the workbook exercises for XXI and study for the quiz on Friday.  Make sure you know the Latin saying, the grammar chart, and the vocabulary for XXI.  Remember you will need to put the full nominative and genitive as well as the gender for each noun. On each quiz there will also be a review portion from 2 previous lessons, this week it will be Lesson I & II. Make sure to review these thoroughly.  Also, you will only have 10 minutes to take the quiz, so you must be able to recall the material quickly.  You will not have time to…

  • Shurley Grammar 6

    Shurley English 6 for September 20th

    This week we worked on Chapter 4. Please finish Lessons 2-4 and complete the writing assignment in Lesson 5. I gave you another guide sheet on which to write your rough draft.  Use this sheet to also improve your sentences like we did in class with our labeling sentences, then type or write neatly your final copy to turn in next Friday.  Have a great week!

  • 7th & 8th History

    7th-8th History – Egypt – Week 1

    EGYPTIAN DYNASTIES – MENSES b/w 3100 & 2350 B.C. Day 1 – Read Pyramid, pp. 1-21; The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone, pp. 3-14; Streams of Civilization, pp. 42-46. Day 2 – Read Pyramid, pp. 22-41; The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone, pp. 14-21. Begin a list of names & dates of Egypt’s dynasties. Day 3 – Read Pyramid, pp. 41-59; The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone, pp. 22-29. Day 4 – Read Pyramid, pp. 60-79; The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone, pp. 30-42. Read “A Biblical Antiquity,” pp. 10-13, attached. Recitation – Exodus 20: 1-17 NKJV, The Ten Commandments. Video recommendation – Pyramid (available at Lee Co. Library). This…

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    7th Grade Jensen’s Grammar

    Homework for September 20th: Reread/review lessons 8-10. Work homework exercises 8-10. Parents, please check work using the answer key and help with correcting mistakes. Bring any questions to class. Bring the workbook to class every week.

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    7/8 Grade Literature

    Assignment for September 20th: Continue reading The Cat of Bubastes by G. A. Henty this week. Read chapters 5-8. Complete daily vocabulary and reading notes to turn in for a notebook check on Friday. A quiz made up of 10 simple comprehension questions will be given in class each week covering the assigned chapters to hold students accountable for keeping up with the reading. The way to study is simply to read.

  • Shurley Grammar 6

    Shurley English 6 for September 13th

    We are now fully into our class/homework routine! I’m so proud of how all my grammar students work diligently to accomplish everything we need to do in one short hour on Fridays.  Keep up the excellent work! This week, finish vocabulary, practice sentences, workbook exercises, test, writing assignment, and optional daily grams for Chapter 3.

  • First Form Latin, Year 2

    First Form Latin, Year 2

    I continue to be well please with how all my students are doing with the review.  We start new material this week, but we will never stop reviewing, so there will always be a review aspect to your homework. This week, you will need to review pages 36 and 37 (Units I & II Review) for a review test (more like a quiz, but with a test grade) on Friday. This will include 10 vocabulary words (I will give you the English, and you will give me the Latin.), all four charts and page 36,  and six Laying sayings (I will give the Latin sayings in Latin with one or…

  • Shurley Grammar 6

    Shurley English 6 for September 6th

    We completed a lot in class for Chapter 2!  For next Friday, please complete any practice sentences, vocabulary list 2, workbook exercises, and Chapter 2 test.  Remember, there is no need to do exercise 6 on the test. There is no writing assignment for this week. Also, keep racking up those extra credit points with Daily Grams if you like! Happy Labor Day!