• 3rd-6th Science

    Elementary Chemistry and Physics

    Science Fair Project   This week all experiments should be finished up and the process of putting information on the board should begin. We discussed the process of preparing the board in class Friday. On the last page of the science fair folder, there is a checklist to follow for the board. Your board doesn’t have to look exactly like the picture, but it does need to flow in order of the scientific method. I stressed for them to be sure to write neat and the appropriate size where it can be read easily. We will have some judges from local colleges, so we’d like to make a good impression!…

  • Shurley Grammar 6

    Shurley English 6 for March 22nd

    This week complete Lesson 24 in Shurley English 6.  You do need to study/know References 71-73, but you do not have to do any assignments associated with them writing business letters. We will review this in class this Friday. For composition we started Lesson 7, “The Bear and the Two Travelers.” Complete the Three Plot Components, Variations Part 1, and Variations Part 2.  We will start on the Outline and Paraphrases in class this Friday.

  • Latina Christiana I

    Latina Christiana for March 22nd

    For this week, finish and review Lesson 15. Also, review Review Lessons 1 and 2.  These review lessons cover Lessons 1-10.  See how fast you can remember the vocabulary and grammar forms.  We will start Lesson 16 in class on Friday, but you do not need to work on it before Friday.

  • 3rd-6th Science,  No Category

    Elementary Physics and Chemistry

    Just in case you aren’t getting my emails, here’s the assignments for the next week: Science Fair Project If you haven’t finished reading about your project, finish that up this week. Most of your time this week should be spent on the experiment portion of the project. After the experiments are completed, information should be filled out for the Data Analysis and Conclusion pages in your science fair folder. Be sure to remember to bring the science fair folder Friday. I will be checking them during lunch. Next week, we will begin putting all the information on the tri-fold board. So, if you do not have the board, be sure…

  • Latina Christiana I

    Latina Christiana for February 22nd

    Finish Lesson 14.  Complete drill sheets, and take tests for Lessons 13 & 14. Review vocabulary from Lessons 1-3.  I’ll test your memory for these on Friday. Everyday you can, go through the recitation according to these cue words: -o, voco sum, eram, ero -a, -ae, mensa -us, =i , servus -um, -i, donum case names and functions

  • Shurley Grammar 6

    Shurley English 6 for February 8th

    Please finish Chapter 21, Lessons 1-4 in your Shurley English 6 books. For composition, complete Lesson 5, “The Fisherman Piping.” Be sure to include hydrographia, mimesis, and topographia in your final copy.  Don’t forget to italicize your fods and put the correct fod name in parenthesis after it.  For example:  The children played for hours jumping in the foaming waves of the ocean which crashed against the shore (hydrographia).