• Shurley Grammar 6

    Shurley English 6 for January 10th

    Happy New Year!  I hope you enjoyed your break; I know I did!  Let me start by saying how thankful I am to have such industrious, courteous students, and thank you for all the Christmas goodies.  My family and I have enjoyed each one! For this week, we are in Chapter 16.  Please be prepared to share your Definition Poem from Lesson 1 Activity in class.  Complete Chapter 16 except for Lesson 5. This week we start in Classical Composition, Fable Stage, so be sure to bring that book as well to class. Your composition assignment is to make sure you pack your CC, FS in your backpack! The following…

  • 9th-12th Literature

    January 10th

    Jan. 10 I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break and enjoyed some family time.  This semester I will begin having pop quizzes.  This is to make sure everyone is reading.  Please be prepared.   Attention!! You do not have to read “How to Read Plays” and “A Note about Tragedy” in How to Read a Book Please read: “Introduction: Greek Drama” in Heroes of the City of Man (pp. 275-280) “Blessings of Terror: The Euminides” in Heroes of the City of Man (p. 281-line 12 on p. 284) Introduction to the Oresteia in Aeschylus I, pp. 1-9 Aeschylus:  Agamemnon  Introduction in Aeschylus I, pp. 9-25 (about Agamemnon) Aeschylus:  The…

  • Shurley Grammar 6

    Shurley English 6 for December 13th

    Last school week before Christmas!!! Finish Chapter 14, Lessons 2-5.  Make sure you are prepared for a quiz on the list of subordinate conjunctions from Reference 43.  There are 18 subordinate conjunctions listed, you need to be able to name 15 from memory to make a 100. This week’s writing assignment is the last one we will do in the Shurley English 6 book, at least  for a while.  You only need to write one essay.  Please do the assignment for Writing Assignment Box #1, WA #18  on page 259 of the Teacher’s Manual.  

  • First Form Latin, Year 2

    First Form Latin, Year 2 for December 13th

    One last week!!! This week, prepare for a vocabulary review quiz on Lessons XXI -XXV.  This covers all 3rd and 4th declension nouns you have had. There will be no charts, just straight vocabulary.  I will give you the English, and you will give me the Latin in COMPLETE dictionary form. The bonus will be all the Latin sayings from Lessons XXI-XXV.  They are worth 1 point a piece for a total of 5 bonus points.  They must be perfect (spelling and word order) to receive credit. Have a great last week of the 2019 school year!!!

  • Shurley Grammar 6

    Shurley English 6 for December 6th

    Welcome back from Thanksgiving! This week finish Chapter 13, Lessons 2-4.  There is no writing assignment this week.  Use the extra time to polish up on your synonym/antonym pairs. Parents:  When we start back to school in January, we will be switching from Shurley English 6 Composition to Classical Composition.  If your student doesn’t already have Memoria Press’ Classical Composition I, Fable Stage, this would be an excellent time to order it.  Thank you!

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    First Form Latin, Year 2 for November 22nd

    This week finish workbook exercises for Lesson XXV.  I will check this for completion on Friday. We found out last Friday that we are a bit rusty on the perfect system verb conjugations, therefore, we will have a quiz on these on Friday.  The quiz will come from the information on page 34 of Lesson XII.  Know the chart.  Also, there will be translations taken directly for Lesson 10 of the Workbook, Drills A, B, & C. A good way to study would be to start with the chart in front of you and work through the drills making sure you understand what the meanings are, i.e. what the action…