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    Lingua Latina for September 4th

    Kudos to my discipuli latinae! Another great week! This week finish what we didn’t complete of VL Lessons 7-10 and complete VL Lesson 11 on your own. (Of course, text me if you have any questions.) I will hand out a test next Friday. This needs to be proctored and signed by a parent and returned the following week. The test is closed book/notes/internet/parent/friend/etc. The test will include vocabulary for VL Lessons 1-10 (I will give the Latin; you will give the English.) and the grammar concepts from VL Lessons 1-10. Of course, I mentioned a bonus worth 5 points in class last Friday. Have a great week!

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    Advanced Biology – Human A&P Week 2

    I missed being with you all last week in class and am looking forward to seeing you this next Friday! This week you will need to finish reading Module 1 and answer the OYO questions. You’ll also need to complete the Study Guide Questions and study for the test. We will have a short quiz at the beginning of class, then we will go over the rest of the module, and I will pass out the test at the end of class for you to take home to complete. This is not an open-book test so please make sure you really study those SGQ this week so that you are…

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    Shurley English 6 for August 28th

    Friday went very well. Both Beth and Colbie shared great long term and short term goals! The only item needing completion in Chapter 1 is Vocabulary Words #2. Students can find the vocabulary on page 7 of the reference section of the Student Book. Please follow the Reference 2: Six-Step Vocabulary Plan on page 9 of the Student Book. One other thing, don’t forget that I’ll check up to 6 Daily Grams (DG) on Friday that will count as extra credit on the first test! In other words, this is a very light week for English class this week! Enjoy!

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    Lingua Latina for August 28th

    I am very pleased with how well everyone was prepared for class on Friday. Good job; keep it up! For this week finish what we didn’t complete of VL Lessons 3-5 AND complete VL Lesson 6. No quiz this week, but keep up with VL Lessons 1-6 vocabulary and grammar concepts. There will be a test after VL Lesson 10. See you Friday!

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    1st-2nd Grade Science

    September 7-11 This week you need to read lesson 4-Venus. Our Bible verse for this week is John 1:5. In class this week we will continue to learn the order of the planets, we will learn how radar is used, and make lava. Your children are a blessing!! Have a great week. I look forward to learning Astronomy together. This week at home read chapter 1, “What is Astronomy?” Memory verse for this week is Psalms 19:1. In class we will discuss distances between planets and sizes relative to the sun. Please let me know if your child has any food allergies.

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    Constitutional Literacy

    Syllabus Aug. 21 Read and be prepared to discuss Introduction, How to Use this Workbook, and Episode 1: Introduction to the Constitution. Aug. 28 Episode 2: Article I, Section 1 Sept. 4 Episode 3: Judicial Review and Original Intent Sept. 11 Episode 4: The Powers of Congress Sept. 18 Episode 6: The Powers of the President Sept. 25 Episode 8: The Establishment of Religion Oct. 2 Episode 9: The Free Exercise of Religion Oct. 9 Episode 11: Freedom of Speech and of the Press Oct. 23 Episode 13: The Right to Keep and Bear Arms Oct. 30 Episode 14: The Fourth Amendment Nov. 6 Episode 15: Due Process Nov. 13…

  • Advanced Biology - Human A & P

    Advanced Biology – Human A&P

    Welcome to A&P! I am looking forward to this year with all of you! Unfortunately I will be out of town for our first class meeting this Friday, but I’m leaving you in capable hands! Your assignment for this week is to read pages 1-26 in your textbook and answer all of the On Your Own questions before class. What you read this week will be discussed in class for more review, but you will want to look back over it before class and be familiar with the material because there will be a short quiz. Since it’s the first week, we will have the quiz at the end of…

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    Lingua Latina for August 21st

    Welcome to Lingua Latina! Complete Visual Latin, Lessons 1 & 2 (pages 2-9). By “Completing” I mean, do the written exercises and memorize the grammar concepts and vocabulary. However, don’t stress; there will not be a quiz this Friday! Text me at 397-3234 if you don’t understand the assignment or you have problems with the assignment. Looking forward to studying Latin together with you all! There is no need to bring your Lingua Latina Textbook to class at this time. Just bring your Visual Latin binder. See you Friday!

  • Shurley Grammar 6

    Shurley English 6 for August 21st

    Welcome to English 6! I look forward to meeting you on Friday! The assignments to be done before August 21st are Shurley Grammar, Chapter 1, Lessons 1 & 2. These lessons cover goal setting (both long and short) and good study habits. I will have the students share in class some of their goals and their thoughts on what it will take to be successful academically this year. Have a great first week!

  • 7th & 8th History

    7th-8th History – Christendom Week 2

    EARLY CHURCH HISTORY Justinian (527 – 565) – Week 6 Day 1– Famous Men of the Middle Ages – ch. VI – Justinian; “Justinian: Achievements and Personality,” attached. Day 2- Read Kingfisher’s Encyclopedia, pp. 100-101; Cultural Atlas for Young People, The Middle Ages pp. 16-17, attached. Where did Justinian build a church?  What was its name?  What does the name mean?  What architectural style was the church Justinian built?  With what were Eastern churches usually decorated? Day 3- Read The Church in History – pp. 61-62; “The Corpus Juris Civilis of Justinian,” attached. What did Justinian try to eliminate?  How did he go about this? Day 4– Read Streams of…