• 3rd-6th Science

    Elementary Chemistry and Physics

    Some aren’t getting my emails. So, here’s what I emailed everyone for this week.   Reading Begin the Thermal Energy chapter. Science Fair –  Date: April 5 This week in class, we will begin discussing the scientific method: Question, Hypothesis, Procedure, Data, Conclusion. Please read over the first part, “Question” with your child (see below). I want to make sure they really understand this concept as they develop a project for the science fair. For those who have already decided a topic, please come to class ready to share your “Question.” For those who haven’t decided a topic, this guidance in developing a question may be helpful. For the undecided,…

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    Shurley English 6 for February 1st

    Can you believe that our next Friday is in February? Finish Chapter 19, Lessons 2-4. Make sure you  understand the difference between a Predicate Nominative and a Direct Object. Turn in your Final Copy for “The Fox and the Grapes.” Be sure to include 2 figures of description (FODs) and label them in your paper by underlining or italicizing the FOD and then putting the name of the FOD in parentheses after the FOD.

  • 3rd-6th History

    Week of January 27th

    Hi Everyone! I hope you all have had a great weekend.  During this cold last week of January, we are going to be studying Cowboys and the West.  If your child would like to dress up as a cowboy or cowgirl on Friday, I would love it.  If they do not want to, it is perfectly fine also. Thank you moms for all you do!  I can tell how much effort you put into your child.  It shows!!!  Let me encourage you to keep going because the labor you do each day is worth it. Have a great week!  

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    Shurley English 6 for January 25th

    Happy MLK Jr. day! Your parents permitting, you may take an English break today! For the week, finish chapter 18, lessons 1-4. Don’t forget to consistently review your vocabulary. The questions in the vocabulary section of your tests are worth 2 points each, and you can easily drop a letter grade if you’re not careful. For Composition, there is no writing assignment, but you will have a quiz on the following terms (figures of description or FODS): Anemographia, Dendrographia, Ethopoeia, Astrothesia, Chorographia, and Chronographia.  The quiz will be matching😀

  • 3rd-6th History

    Week of January 13th

    This week we will be studying The Age of Industry…John D. Rockefeller, Heinz, Andrew Carnegie and so on.   Quiz on Friday.   Have a great week. If your children have time this week, they might like to watch the videos on these three men who accomplished great things in their time. John D Rockefeller Biography – TeacherTube   https://www.teachertube.com/video/john-d-rockefeller-biography-233398 There is a video on Andrew Carnegie…Jiillian Malone The Life of Andrew Carnegie – YouTube Cornelius Vanderbilt – YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwH0ekDc01A