Make sure that you check my post on Band regarding assignments for this week because we weren’t able to meet for class again. There is a quiz, study guide, and a video to watch that you need to write a one page paper on.

This week you need to keep doing your work like normal – finish reading Module 10, doing your Definitions and OYOs plus your SGQs and begin studying for your test. Don’t forget to also study the study guide that I posted for you on Band!

As a reminder, if you collected pond water, go ahead and dispose of it. If you’re growing mold, keep growing it and remember to bring it to class next week for our lab. We do need to collect one more thing for our lab next week, if possible. Go to page 429-430 in your book and look at Experiment 10.5. If you have access to land that you can search for these items, and if you’re able to find them, please let me know via text or email. We are needing mushrooms, puffballs, or shelf fungi. I know that these things are more often found during warmer seasons, but I did research it and some of them even live in snow, so it’s worth looking for them!

Be sure that you are familiar with all of the labs for this module before class next week. We will not have a quiz or a lecture, but will just be doing experiments the whole class time. From past experiences, if y’all don’t show up prepared, we aren’t able to do much, so please come prepared and knowledgeable about what we are going to be doing!