This week, you need to take Module 7 test that I sent home with you before Thanksgiving break. Then, to be ready for class on December 1st, you need to read all of Module 8 and complete the Definitions and OYO’s as you read. You do NOT need to complete the SGQ’s for this module. Don’t forget to send me any of your work from this module or previous modules that you have not turned in yet! This is 20 percent of your overall grade and some of you have not turned in anything in several modules.

Also, it is really important that you continue to study this week for the midterm using the study guide I gave you. You will need to have studied for the midterm before class on Friday. I will be out of town, but Mrs. Summer Hamblin will be in class to do a midterm review activity with all of you, so you do need to be familiar with everything on that study guide when you come to class.

I am out of the country this week so I won’t be available to help with any questions about the midterm this week, but I will be back the next week and will be happy to help with anything then!