This week you need to finish reading Module 4, pages 161-172. Complete your Definitions and OYOs as you read. Then complete your SGQs and study for the test. I will send the test home with you next Friday to complete over Fall Break.

We will be repeating Experiment 4.1 in class this Friday. PLEASE come to class prepared. I can not physically do all of the tasks needed for this lab in the time we will have. I need all of you to come to class knowing what we are doing and how to do it so that you can jump right in as soon as we switch over to lab time. You will each need to make it around to all of the microscopes this time and complete the drawings for all of them.

If you are wanting extra credit to add to a test grade, you may earn up to 20 points by constructing a Cell Project. See last week’s assignment for the detailed instructions on this project. Your last day to bring this to class for credit is this Friday, October 6th.

Also, if you would like up to 10 more extra credit points, you may complete Experiment 4.2 at home. You will need to write a complete lab report for this lab, send me pictures, and have a parent let me know that you completed this experiment. PLEASE NOTE: this experiment must be done over a 5-6 day period of time, so plan accordingly.