This week you need to take Module 3 test that I gave you at the end of class Friday. Then begin reading Module 4, pages 137-160. Make sure you do the Definitions and OYO’s as you read. There will be an open-book quiz at the beginning of class, and we will also do Experiment 4.1.

If you would like to earn some extra credit points to add to a test grade of your choosing, you may complete a Cell Project. You can earn up to 20 extra points, depending on how much effort you put into this project and how closely you follow the directions. You will be building a model of a Eukaryotic cell. You can choose to make either an animal or plant cell. Use the chart that you will complete in OYO 4.6 to help you know what to include in each type of cell. All of the parts must be labelled and look similar to their actual shape or structure. You can use clay, recycled items (ex: shoe box, egg cartons, whatever else you can find around your house, etc), toys (ex: legos), or food. There are lots of ideas online if you need help getting started. Go here for some good examples:

You may bring your Cell Project to class for extra credit either Friday September 29th or October 6th. These are the only 2 Fridays we will be discussing this module so it must be brought to class for grading one of those two days.

Note: There will be another opportunity for up 10 additional points of extra credit next week, so if you are wanting to do both of them, you may want to go ahead and complete the Cell Project this week. Let me know if you have any questions!