I am looking forward to having all of you in class this year! This week before class, make sure that you have read p. 1-21 in your textbook. Answer the On Your Own questions on these pages also, and be sure to write down or type out your answers. Last, you need to have written down all of the definitions contained on these pages as well. The definitions are written in blue, boldface type, and are set apart from the rest of the reading. If you will write out these definitions as you go through the chapter, you will already have a large portion of the Study Guide done, and this will help you to study along the way rather than waiting until right before the test. I will explain more in class on Friday. We will have a worksheet of some sort that will count as your quiz grade in class this week, but please don’t stress about this! They are open-book and open-note, and we will probably do it at the end of the class this first week (after I have taught about everything on there) rather than at the beginning of class!