Advanced Biology – Human A&P

Welcome to A&P! I am looking forward to this year with all of you! Unfortunately I will be out of town for our first class meeting this Friday, but I’m leaving you in capable hands! Your assignment for this week is to read pages 1-26 in your textbook and answer all of the On Your Own questions before class. What you read this week will be discussed in class for more review, but you will want to look back over it before class and be familiar with the material because there will be a short quiz. Since it’s the first week, we will have the quiz at the end of class, after you’ve had a chance to go over it together. Normally the quiz will be at the beginning of class though, so you will want to be familiar with what you have read when you arrive to class! This first module covers a variety of different topics but hopefully some of it is review of concepts you’ve learned before. If not, spend some time understanding it because it’s foundational to what we are studying this year.