Constitutional Literacy


Aug. 21Read and be prepared to discuss Introduction, How to Use this Workbook, and Episode 1: Introduction to the Constitution.
Aug. 28Episode 2: Article I, Section 1
Sept. 4Episode 3: Judicial Review and Original Intent
Sept. 11Episode 4: The Powers of Congress
Sept. 18Episode 6: The Powers of the President
Sept. 25Episode 8: The Establishment of Religion
Oct. 2Episode 9: The Free Exercise of Religion
Oct. 9Episode 11: Freedom of Speech and of the Press
Oct. 23Episode 13: The Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Oct. 30Episode 14: The Fourth Amendment
Nov. 6Episode 15: Due Process
Nov. 13Episode 17: Equal Protection
Nov. 20Episodes 18 and 19: Abortion Rights, Homosexual Rights, and Gender Identity
Dec. 4Review
Dec. 11Final Exam