7th & 8th History

  • 7th & 8th History

    7th-8th History – Christendom Week 32 IT IS FINISHED

    JOHN KNOX & JOHN CALVIN Day 1 – Famous Men of the Renaissance & Reformation, ch. 28; “100 Most Important Events in Church History,” pp. 40-41. Day 2 – Streams of Civilization, pp. 378-379; The Church in History, pp. 189-202. Research John Calvin and find the following: Date and country of his birth. Influences on his young life which would have an important impact on the future before him. Why he was imprisoned and had to flee Paris. Why he was able to live freely in Geneva, Switzerland, but was later banished from there. What were contained in his Ecclesiastical Ordinances. The name of another important reformer who was his…