Take Module 2 test at home this week. All of Module 2 is due this Friday. Quiz, test, OYO, SGQ, definitions, and lab report. Remember to have Module 1 and 2 in order to receive the extra points. Begin Module 3, read pg. 67-79; OYO pg.70,73, 78,80; Definitions A-L pg. 95; SGQ 2-11. In preparation for class please read over experation 3.1. We will have a quiz at the end of class and it will come from your assigned work.


Make sure you stay up to date on your assignments, it’s important not to get behind. In class this Friday we will take our quiz at the beginning. The questions will come from the following:
SGQ # 12, 13, 14, 17, 18; OYO 2.13, Module Summary question # 18 (pg. 548); be thinking about the bacterium that interested you most and why.
At home this week you need to: take the quiz 3 from Module 2, finish reading all of Module 2, answer all of the study guide questions, On your own questions, complete all of your definitions. In preperation for class read over experiments 2.1 pg. 52 and experiment 2.2 pg. 60. We will spend most of our class doing these experiments. I will pass out Module 2 test for you to take at home. All of Module 2 wil be due September 20.

September 2-6
REMEMBER TO PUT YOUR BIOLOGY NOTEBOOK ON THE TABLE IN THE HALL AT THE BEGINNING OF THE DAY FRIDAY SO I CAN GRADE MODULE 1. You need to have the following in your notebook: all the definitions on page 35, study guide questions 2-16, on your own questions, lab findings from Experiment 1.1, both quizzes, and Module 1 test.
Take Module 1 test this week, remember this test is not open book. Begin reading Module 2, read pg. 37-49; OYO pg. 41, 44, 47,49; definitions pg. 65 (A-G); SGQ 2-8.

AUGUST 25-30

This week for Biology you will need to finish reading the Module, look up all the definitions, answer all the on your own questions, and answer all of the study quide questions that you did not answer this first week. You have two weeks to complete a Module, this is our second week for Module 1. You need to start studying for your Module 1 test. This test will be handed out in class this Friday and you will take it at home. All of Module 1 will be due Sept. 6. (Please note that we start Module 2 Sept. 2) We will have a quiz in class, it will be open notes and I will let you take it at the end of class after we have discussed the material. You need to do experiment 1.1 at home (pg.24). Title a piece of notebook paper Experiment 1.1 Using a Biological Key. There are 15 specimens, you only have to do specimens 2,3,5,10,12 and 13. We will go over this in class Friday so if you do not get all the answers you can make the necessary adjustments. We will do exeriment 1.2 in class so make sure you read over this experiment before you come to class. As always I am available for questions. May The Lord bless each of you to have a great week. Be kind to your siblings and obedient to your authorities.

August 19-33
I would like for you to get into the habit of checking the website each week. This week you need to read Module 1 pg. 1-15. This averages 4 pages per day. Answer the study guide questions (SGQ) 2-7 on pg. 35. Define A-M. Answer the (OYO) on your own questions on pg. 6 and 11. You will have you a quiz in class this Friday. It will be open book/open notes. If you have answered all your questions you will make a 100. I will allow you to take the quiz at the end of class after we have covered all the answers. Please do not stress about this quiz. I will walk you through the quiz the first few weeks.