9th & 10th Grade Composition (2019-2020)

Composition – 9th & 10th




Summer Hamblin



Course Description

We will cover the three parts of stage six of the Progymnasmata during this course: Encomium, Invective, and Comparison. During the Encomium Stage (or “Praise Stage”), we will expound upon someone or something’s good attributes. The Invective Stage (or “Condemnation Stage”) takes the opposite approach and will focus only on the negative. The Comparison Stage will express contrast of two subjects. According to Selby, these Stages teach us to “learn to thoroughly praise, condemn, or compare.” The styles of each Stage will be practiced by completing several essays.

In November we will begin The Lively Art of Writing book. Through weekly reading and assignments, we will learn how to craft sentences, paragraphs, and essays. Please pay close attention to the weekly assignments listed on the syllabus.

Finally, we will complete a research paper including notecards, an outline, essay, and presentation. We will use College Paper Buddy as a guide for this.

Expectations & Guidelines

1.    You and your parent(s) are expected to read this syllabus in its entirety, sign it, and come to the first day of class with it signed and in your binder.

2.    We will foster a respectful learning environment and be kind to each other when commenting or peer reviewing work.

3.    You will bring your Composition binder, homework, and writing utensil to every class meeting.

4.    All handouts and returned essays must be kept in an organized manner in the Composition binder.

5.    You are required to write and submit your own original work. Paraphrasing, quoting, or summarizing other sources without proper MLA citations will not be tolerated. Duplication of your own work without prior instructor approval is also a form of academic dishonesty. Plagiarism or cheating will result in a zero for the assignment. More than one instance of plagiarism or cheating will result in a referral to the Board and may lead to expulsion from the course.

6.    Due dates are clearly stated on the syllabus. You are required to turn in paper copies of your work on the due date. I will not accept emailed copies without prior communication with your parent.

7.    Late work will be penalized one letter grade per week. Missing work without a parent’s verbal excuse will result in a zero for that assignment. Failing to turn in work more than 25% of the time will result in a referral to the Board.

8.    If we have a class cancellation or I miss a week, a revised syllabus will be emailed to you prior to the next week; otherwise, follow the attached schedule.

9.    If you have any questions during the week, please text or email me. I will respond as soon as my schedule allows.

Required Materials

Composition Binder

Classical Composition: Encomium, Invective, and Comparison Stages                      

The Lively Art of Writing

College Paper Buddy



Encomium, Invective, and Comparison Stages                                                              Total Points

            Quiz (1)                                        15 points                                                                           15

            Essays (9)                                 30 points each                                                             270


The Lively Art of Writing

            Weekly Questions (13)               10 points each                                                             130     

            Weekly Assignments (11)        25 points each                                                             275

            Weekly Vocab (9)                        10 points each                                                              90

            Quiz                                                     15 points                                                                          15


Research Paper

            Topic & 3 Sources                        10 points                                                                     10

            Notecards & 6 Sources            10 points                                                                     10       

            Thesis                                                10 points                                                                     10

            Outline                                               10 points                                                                     10

            Bare Bones Rough Draft          5 points                                                                       5

            Rough Draft                                    10 points                                                                     10       

            Final Draft                                        100 points                                                                   100

            Presentation                                   50 points                                                                     50


                                                                                                                                              1000 possible points

Because I know life happens, you start out with 10 “My Teacher Loves Me Points” to use for failed or missing Quizzes or Assignments. (I know! Isn’t that outstandingly generous of me?!) If you finish the year with Points still in your possession, you will receive those Points as extra credit! (You’re welcome.)

As a student in this course, I have read and understood the requirements, and I have agreed to abide by the expectations and guidelines of this syllabus.


_____________________________________________________                _______________

Student Name                                                                                                      Date


As a parent of a student in this course, I have read and understood the requirements, and I have agreed to hold my child accountable to the expectations and guidelines of this syllabus.


_____________________________________________________                _______________

Parent Name                                                                                                         Date


WeekDateLessonAssignment Due
18/23/2019p. 147 & p. 10Read A’s Introduction to the Stages AND the Lesson 1 Paraphrase. There will be a brief QUIZ!
28/30/2019Lesson 2: ChaucerEncomium on an Individual: Chaucer
39/6/2019Lesson 3: Your choiceEncomium on an Individual:  Your choice
49/13/2019Lesson 5: WisdomEncomium on a  Virtue:  Wisdom
59/20/2019Lesson 8: JudasInvective on an Individual: Judas Iscariot
69/27/2019Lesson 9: Your choiceInvective on an Individual: Your choice
710/4/2019Lesson 10: AbortionInvective on a Vice: Abortion
810/11/2019Lesson 14: Paul & PeterComparison of Individuals: Paul & Peter
 Fall Break  
910/25/2019Lesson 16: Hitler & HusseinComparison of Individuals: Adolf Hitler & Saddam Hussein
1011/1/2019Lesson 17: Vice & VirtueComparison of Vice & Virtue: Humility & Pride
1111/8/2019Ch. 1Read Ch. 1; Answer Q’s #1-7; Assn. #2-4 (on “Grades”); Vocab #1
1211/15/2019Ch. 2Read Ch. 2; Answer Q’s #1-4; Assn. #1-7 (on “Comp”); Vocab #1
1311/22/2019Ch. 3Read Ch. 3; Answer Q’s #1-4; Assn. #2 (Essay!); Vocab #1
 Thanksgiving Break 
1412/6/2019Ch. 4Read Ch. 4; Answer p. 47 Q’s #1-4; p. 58 Q’s #1-7
1512/13/2019Ch. 5Read Ch. 5; Answer Q’s #1-6; Assn. #2 (Based on #1); Vocab #1
 Christmas Break 
161/10/2020Ch. 6Read Ch. 6; Answer Q’s #1-11; Assn. #5; Vocab #1
171/17/2020Ch. 7Read Ch. 7; Answer Q’s #1-12; Assn. #1
181/24/2020Ch. 8Read Ch. 8; Answer Q’s #1, 4, 7, 8; Assn. #1 & #2; Vocab #1 (Pick 3)
191/31/2020Ch. 9Read Ch. 9; Answer Q’s #4-6; Assn. #1 & #2; Vocab #1 (Pick 3)
202/7/2020Ch. 10Read Ch. 10; Answer Q’s #1-3; p. 130 Assn. #1 a-e only; Vocab #1 
 Winter Break/Teen Pact 
212/21/2020Ch. 11Read Ch. 11; Answer Q’s #1-6; Assn. #2 (Essay!); Vocab #1 (Provide 2 synonyms each instead of 10)
222/28/2020Ch. 12Read Ch. 12; Answer Q’s #1-12; Assn. #5 a-c
233/6/2020Ch. 13Read Ch. 13; Answer Q’s #1-9
 Spring Break  
243/20/2020Ch. 14Read Ch. 14
253/27/2020pp. 9-27Research paper topic DUE; Provide at least 3 SOURCES for your topic
264/3/2020pp. 28-42Provide at least 6 SOURCES for your topic. Put sources and notes on NOTECARDS. Notecards must be brought to class!
274/10/2020pp. 43-54THESIS statement DUE
284/17/2020pp. 55-65Pay attention to the MLA Style notes in the reading. OUTLINE DUE
294/24/2020 “Bare bones” ESSAY DUE
305/1/2020 ROUGH DRAFT DUE (Six page minimum)