11th & 12th Grade Composition (2019-2020)

Composition – 11th & 12th





Summer Hamblin



Course Description

We will begin this course by learning how to write a fantastic college admissions essay. The application of this knowledge will be evidenced in the composition of a complete college admission essay and various exercises. Following this study we will delve into the realm of The Writer’s Practice in order to better understand the format and organization of different types of essays. Weekly writing exercises will be required, and we will put these concepts to work in the writing of two essays. Finally, we will complete a comprehensive research project. This process will be based on the skills learned from The Writer’s Practice and will require a thesis, notecards, an outline, a researched argument essay, and a project presentation.

Expectations & Guidelines

  1. You and your parent(s) are expected to read this syllabus in its entirety, sign it, and come to the first day of class with it signed and in your binder.
  2. We will foster a respectful learning environment and be kind to each other when commenting or peer reviewing work.
  3. You will bring your Composition binder, homework, and writing utensil to every class meeting.
  4. All handouts and returned essays must be kept in an organized manner in the Composition binder.
  5. You are required to write and submit your own original work. Paraphrasing, quoting, or summarizing other sources without proper MLA citations will not be tolerated. Duplication of your own work without prior instructor approval is also a form of academic dishonesty. Plagiarism or cheating will result in a zero for the assignment. More than one instance of plagiarism or cheating will result in a referral to the Board and may lead to expulsion from the course.
  6. Due dates are clearly stated on the syllabus. You are required to turn in paper copies of your work on the date due. I will not accept emailed copies without prior communication with your parent.
  7. Late work will be penalized one letter grade per week. Missing work without a parent’s verbal excuse will result in a zero for that assignment. Failing to turn in work more than 25% of the time will result in a referral to the Board.
  8. If we have a class cancellation or I miss a week, a revised syllabus will be emailed to you prior to the next week; otherwise, follow the attached schedule.
  9. If you have any questions during the week, please text or email me. I will respond as soon as my schedule allows.

Required Materials

Composition Binder

College Essay Essentials                                             978-1-4926-3512-3

MLA: The Easy Way                                                   978-1935356523               

The Writer’s Practice                                                         978-0-14-313315-5


College Essay Essentials                                                         Total Points

          Quizzes (5)                      20 points each                           100

          Exercises/Drafts (6)           20 points each                           120

          Final Essay (1)                  100 points each                         100

The Writer’s Practice

          Assignments (9)                20 points each                           180

          Essay/Drafts (2)                20 points each                           40

          Final Essay (1)                  100 points each                         100

Research Project

          Topic and 4 Sources                   50 points                                   50

          8 Sources & Notecards      50 points                                   50

          Thesis                              10 points                                   10

          Outline                            10 points                                   10

          Rough Drafts (2)               20 points each                           40

          Final Draft                       150 points                                 150

          Presentation                     50 points                                   50

                                                                                       1000 possible points

Because I know life happens, you start out with 20 “My Teacher Loves Me Points” to use for failed or missing Exercises or Quizzes. (I know! Isn’t that outstandingly generous of me?!) Please note that the essays and research project requirements are NOT eligible for the MTLM Points. If you finish the year with Points still in your possession, you will receive those Points as extra credit! (You’re welcome.)

WeekDateLessonAssignment DueTurn In:
   College Essay Essentials 
18/23/2019Read IntroRead Intro (pp. ix-xvii).Quiz
28/30/2019Ch. 1Read Ch. 1, Complete Exercises on p. 3, 7, 8-9.Exercises
39/6/2019Ch. 2Read Ch. 2. Write 2 paragraphs demonstrating the differences between  Narrative Structure and Montage Structure.Paragraphs
49/13/2019Ch. 3 & 4Read Ch. 3. Be prepared to explain the “Four Types of Essays”. Choose your TYPE and read relevant part of Ch. 4.Quiz
59/20/2019 Write a first draft of your essay based on Ch. 4. 1st Draft
69/27/2019Ch. 5Read Ch. 5. Revise your first draft.Revision
710/4/2019Ch. 6Read Ch. 6. Do “Feelings & Needs Exercise” pp. 121-130.Exercise
810/11/2019Ch. 7Rd. half of Ch. 7 (pp. 142-160). Know the “value” taught in 5 Families Quiz
 Fall Break   
910/25/2019Ch. 7Read half of Ch. 7 (pp. 160-182). Know the “4 qualities” on p. 179.Quiz
1011/1/2019Ch. 8Rd. Ch. 8. Compare your essay to “Test” on pp. 186-187.“Test”
1111/8/2019Ch. 9Read Ch. 9 AND Additional Resources.Quiz
1211/15/2019 Revise your essay to the point it is ready for the application!Final Draft
   The Writer’s Practice 
1311/22/2019pp. 1-14Week 1: Read pp. 1-14. Do Assn. on pp. 3 and 13.Assn.
 Thanksgiving Break  
1412/6/2019Section 1Week 2: Read pp. 21-29. Do Assn. on p. 29.Assn.
1512/13/2019Section 1Week 3: Read pp. 30-34. Do Assn. on p. 31.Assn. 
 Christmas Break  
161/10/2020Section 2Week 4: Read pp. 49-58. Do Assn. on p. 54.Assn.
171/17/2020Section 3Week 5: Read pp. 83-95. CHOOSE Assn. p. 79 OR p. 85.Assn.
181/24/2020Section 3Week 6: Read pp. 105-119. Do Assn. on p. 109. Assn.
191/31/2020Section 4Week 7: Read pp. 125-130. Do Assn. on pp. 126-128 with article.Assn.
202/7/2020Section 4Week 8: Read pp. 146-151. Do Trivia Assn. on pp. 147-151.Assn.
 Winter Break/Teen Pact 
212/21/2020Section 4Week 9: Read pp. 152-162. Choose Impossible OR Passion Assn. Essay
222/28/2020Section 4Week 10: Read pp. 163-179. Choose topic and write rough draft.Rough draft
233/6/2020Section 5Wk 11: Final draft. Three page minimum.  Include MLA Works Cited.Final Draft
 Spring Break  
243/20/2020Section 5Week 12: Read pp. 201-216. Choose 1 Topic and do Assn.Assn.
   Research Project 
253/27/2020 Research paper topic DUE; Provide at least 4 SOURCES.Topic/Sour
264/3/2020 Provide at least 8 SOURCES for your topic. Put sources and notes on NOTECARDS. Notecards must be brought to class!Notecards/ Sources
274/10/2020 THESIS statement DUEThesis
284/17/2020 Pay attention to the MLA Style. OUTLINE DUEOutline
294/24/2020 “Bare bones” ESSAY DUEBare Bones
305/1/2020 ROUGH DRAFT DUE (8 page minimum)Rough Draft
325/15/2020 PRESENTATIONSPresent