This week you need to finish reading Module 4, p. 161-172, doing the definitions and the OYO’s. Also make sure you do the study guide questions and begin studying for the test.

We will not have a quiz this week in class. Instead, we will be starting class with a repeat of last week’s lab. I want to remind you that lab participation is part of your grade so please take this seriously. We spent 25 minutes of our class time on our lab last week and didn’t accomplish much. So let’s try to do better this week! I will have the slides prepared and I want you to view and draw all of the slides at the different magnifications. Please come to class prepared for this activity. To be prepared, read back over the instructions for Experiment 4.1 and if you are not familiar with using a microscope, please go back to Experiment 1.1 and read that. You will turn in your microscope observation drawing sheets to me to be graded. The goal of this lab is for you to be able to view some of the parts of a cell we are learning about and see the difference between animal and plant cells.

We will finish the last 30 minutes of class covering the rest of the chapter content after our lab.