This week you need to take Module 2 test that I gave you in class. It is NOT open book. Please bring it back with you to class this Friday to turn in. Start reading Module 3, p. 85-110, making sure to write down all of your definitions and OYO questions. This module is on Ecology so we are switching gears to a totally different topic this week! We will be doing Experiment 3.1 in class this Friday. We will start class out with a short open-book quiz also.

I forgot to check notebooks last week because we were so busy in class, so please make sure to bring all of your Module 2 work to show me, for me to check off on it that it’s done.

For the lab reports for the antacid experiment we did in class, please follow this format. You need to have these headings: Title, Introduction, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Data, and Conclusions. Please type your lab reports. Don’t stress about this but just do your best. This first one won’t be graded and I will be giving you an example to show you what I’m looking for, that will help you on future lab reports. This shouldn’t take but about ten minutes of your time to jot down what was done.

The title is Experiment 2.2. In the introduction, state the problem or question to be answered. Hypothesis is to be included if you had one. Not all experiments have one. This week we didn’t hypothesize about which antacid was best so skip this on this lab report. For Materials, list out ALL items used in the lab. For Procedure, in complete sentences, explain what you did, step by step, in a way that someone else could repeat the experiment. For data, include any observations or actual measurements taken. In the conclusion section, type a summary of what you concluded or what you learned. That’s it! You got this!