This week you need to finish reading Module 6, pages 234-246, and do your Definitions and OYOs as you read. Then you need to complete your SGQs and study for your test. We will not have a quiz in class Friday, but we will do Experiment 6.2 so be familiar with that before class.

Reminder: you need to STUDY this week for the test. The content of our textbook is not too hard – this is normal for high school level biology courses, but it does require studying. So, first, this is a reminder that you do need to spend time actually studying (memorizing) the study guide and notes from class. But, also, this is a reminder that the way I have the schedule set up for this class is that you will spend time studying this week, so that when I hand you the test on Friday, you are pretty much ready to take it. That way, when we start a new module next week, you are finished with Module 6 and can start Module 7. If you don’t spend time studying this week, you will always be behind about a week in this course, and that can start to feel overwhelming. This will catch up to you when it’s time to start studying for the midterm, which is given IN CLASS right before our Christmas break. So, make sure you are staying on top of things and staying on schedule!

Check out this video for help on understanding the overall idea of Protein synthesis: transcription and translation.

And this one on DNA replication may help as well:

Last thing – some of you still need to email/text me your Module 5 work, and turn in your Module 5 tests! See y’all Friday!