Hey everyone! I am looking forward to being in class with all of you this coming Friday. This week you need to begin reading Module 1 in our textbook, pages 1-21. Please make sure to answer the On Your Own (OYO’s) questions as you read. These are set aside from the body of the text in gold boxes. You can either write the OYO’s out on notebook paper, type them, or fill them out in the student notebook that goes along with the textbook if you bought that. It does not matter to me where you do them, as long as you do them!

Also, as you read, please make note of every term that is in bold print. You will need to write down each of these terms and its definition as you read. When you get to the end of the module, you will already have half of your study guide done by doing this as you go along.

Please come to class prepared to take notes. I will not tell you exactly what is going to be on your tests, but I can promise you that if it is on the test, we will discuss it in class, so it would be a good idea to pay close attention to what is covered in each class and take good notes. Don’t worry, we will also do a TON of labs this year to keep things interesting! I will see all of you in class and will explain more about your assignments and how this class will work! – Mrs. Jill