Advanced Biology – Human A & P

Finish up reading the chapter and answering the OYO questions early this week so that you have enough time to study for the module 3 test. Spend time studying the skeletal system and the diagram of the skin as you complete your coloring book exercises. These will help you learn all of those terms if you give it the time it deserves. I also recommend completing the study guide earlier in the week if you are able so that you have time to study and memorize all of the information on there. I do expect you to be able to label the figures of the skin, skeletal system, and skull in the study guide, but there will not be any additional figures to label from the module on the test. There will be other questions on the test, but not any other figures to be labeled.

In class on Friday we will have a short, ten minute, open-book quiz at the beginning of class and then finish discussing the rest of the content in Module 3. Hopefully we will also have time to review for the test together in class.