Advanced Biology – Human A & P

This week you need to finish reading Module 15, pages 507-510 and complete your OYO, CBE I passed out in class, and your SGQ. In class on Friday I will have the study guide for the final to pass out to you. This will give you two full weeks to study for the final.

I will finish covering the material for Module 15 at the beginning of class and then we will start dissection of the fetal pigs this Friday. Please make sure that you have read p. 544-545 on this dissection before coming to class. I will assign partners to work on the fetal pigs together. This will be a great way to see all of the systems we have learned about this whole year! I’m looking forward to it!

Some of you still haven’t completed past tests. It’s time to get everything done and turned in! Let’s finish this semester well!