Advanced Biology – Human A & P

I hope you have all had a great Thanksgiving break and are ready to buckle down for the last few weeks before Christmas break! This week you will need to finish Module 7 if you haven’t already, including the OYO, CBE, and SGQ. We will have a quiz in class on the remainder of Module 7.

I also HIGHLY recommend that you begin studying this week for the midterm. I passed out a study guide in class but if you have lost it or didn’t get one, let me know and I can email it to you. The midterm will be IN CLASS on our last Friday of the semester, and will cover material from Modules 1-7, so you will need to study ahead of time for this test! It covers A LOT of information that you won’t be able to cram into your brain last-minute. We will spend the last part of class this week reviewing for the midterm. See y’all Friday!