Geometry due on 3/4

You will have a test on lessons 27-30 on 3/11.
Your final exam on all 30 lessons will be 4/2.
Find all your tests and begin reviewing them now. Start reworking the problems.
We will start reviewing this week and review again on 3/11 and 3/25.

Be sure to get your ACT books ordered ASAP.

Read carefully lesson 30 in the geometry book.
Lesson 29 A,C
Red book p. 314, 1-20 all

Lesson 29 D,E
Red book, p. 314/15, 21-36 all

Lesson 30 A,C
Red book, p. 315, 37-47 all

Lesson 30 D,E
Red book, p. 315, 48-55 all

Send in pictures daily if at all possible and ask questions!

Have a good week,
Mrs A