Alg II due on 3/4

You will have a test on chapter 3 on 3/11. Be sure you understand this week’s problems (send in your questions daily) and be prepared to ask more questions and review in class Friday.

Read carefully p.328-332 study examples 1,2 and 3
You will not have any like example 4 or 5
Read carefully p.335/336 study examples 6 and 7

P.335/336 1-21 odd, 27-35 odd, 39
P. 339 73-81 odd

P. 335/336 2-40 even, 74-82 even

Read p. 347 about the Intermediate Value theorem and study example 5
Read p. 348 about the Boundedness theorem and study example 6

P. 352, 47-64 all

P. 393/94/95, 1-4 all, 17-19 all, 23,35, 40,41,44,45

Send in pictures daily if you possibly can and ask questions. I’ll try to send out a quick video of 2 of the examples tomorrow.

Have a good week,
Mrs A
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