Algebra II due on 11/20

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Read carefully through examples on pages 133-135. Remember when there is a variable in the denominator, there are restrictions on what the answer can be. For example, if there was x-5 in the denominator, then x could not be 5. If there was x+7 in the denominator, then x could not be -7.
Also carefully read pages 137-140 about radical equations.

p. 142/143, 1-17 odd

p. 143, 19-25 odd
p. 144, 35-41 odd

Read p. 145 bottom through p. 148 middle
These are linear inequalities. They are solved just like linear equations except that when you multiply or divide by a negative, you have to reverse the direction of the inequality.
p. 154, 1-9 odd
p. 155, 13-27 odd

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