Lingua Latina (8:50-9:40) for November 20th

As we discussed in class, we are taking two weeks to complete Lesson 15.

We finished the book work in class Friday, so for homework you will be studying for a quiz.

Quiz for Friday:  There will be a repeat of the Relative Pronoun Chart on page 67.  Also, there will be 10 vocabulary words.  Remember – you must give the full form of the Latin word as you have been taught.  The words are:

other – alius, a, um; to hear or listen – audio, audire; to close – claudo, claudere; with – cum; to say or to tell – dico, dicere; horse – equus, i m.; family – familia, ae f.; window – fenestra ae f.; ship – navis, navis f.; qui – who

Thanksgiving break is almost here.  Keep up the good work!