Shurley English 6 for March 27th

Good morning!

Chapter 24 focuses on the business letter.  As you work your way through Lessons 1-4, pay attention to References 71-73.  Not the subtle differences between friendly letters and the more formal business letters.
I sent your vocabulary worksheet via email for Vocabulary List #1.
Your practice sentences focus on pattern 5, which have predicate adjectives.  Remember:  a linking verb will NEVER be followed by indirect/direct objects.  After linking verbs you will be looking for predicate adjectives/nouns.  Also, it is helpful to go ahead and mark all the prepositional phrases because the PrA’s and PrN’s will never be in prepositional phrases.
Don’t forget the practice sections for Chapter 24 in your workbooks.
Before you take Chapter 24 test, I would like you to look at the instructions for #3-#9.  Please review how to do these before you take the test if you need to.  I want this to be more of a review than a strict test.
This week, start Classical Composition, Fable Stage, Lesson 4.  Read “The Hare and the Tortoise” through two times.  Complete sections, “Three Plot Components” and “Variations: Part I, # 1 & #2.”
Lastly, review the meanings of the following Figures of Description:  anemographia, dendrographia, ethopoeia, astrothesia, chorographia, chronographia. You can find the definitions on pages 16 and 20 of your composition book.
You can wait to turn in your test to me when we next meet in person, or you can take a legible picture of it and text it to me, if you would like your grade sooner.
Have a great week, and call or text me with any questions.
Audrey Leckie
(662) 397-3234