Elementary Chemistry and Physics

Science Fair

I am so proud of everyone’s accomplishments in our Science Fair! You all did awesome! Congratulations on a job well done!
Please hang on to your boards. I need to check with the end-of-the-year program coordinator to see if there will be room to display all of them. I know there were some of our families who couldn’t make it to the science fair. So this would give them an opportunity to see the displays. If space is an issue for the end-of-the-year program, we may display the top three from each age category. We will simplify matters and ONLY bring the boards. There are too many delicate, breakable items to display in the gym on that wild and crazy last day of school.
Scientific Method Quiz
Please take the quiz at home this week and turn in Friday. It was a short one and was handed out the week before the science fair.
Begin reading about Mysterious Magnetism and choose any Try This to do. There are several relatively easy ones to do, if you have some magnets at your house.