Elementary Chemistry and Physics

Science Fair – THIS FRIDAY!

For this week:
1. Finish the board if that hasn’t been completed.
2. Prepare and practice your presentation for the judges.
In class Friday, we discussed some guidelines for the presentation. It would be helpful to review this sheet in their folder. I tried to stress a few things . . . This is a short presentation. Do not retell everything you did. Just the highlights. Do not introduce yourself (you’ll be given a number). As you are speaking, refer to and point to your board and display. Notecards are allowed, if you need them. Plan for a 1 1/2 minute presentation, then about 1 minute questioning from the judge. We will use a timer. To conclude your presentation, make eye contact with the judges and ask, “Are there any questions?” This indicates to the judge that you are finished with your speaking and allows him or her the opportunity to ask a question.
Some tips for improving your presentation:
Practice in front of the mirror.
Video yourself to see if you can hear and understand your words.
If you practice twice each morning and twice each afternoon, you’ll have practiced 16 times by Friday!
Add cues to notecards to remind you to look up and make eye contact with the judges.
Friday Schedule
1:00 Begin setting up
1:30 Judging begins
3:00 Quick snack break (bring your own snack)
3:00 Science Fair open to visitors and high schoolers
3:45 – 4:00ish Awards ceremony
Pack up and clean up