Logic Assignment for 12/10/21

Logic 2 Final Assignment 

Our last day of class is this Friday 12/10/21. 
This semester we have had major adjustments to the original plan for our class. I have been very encouraged by the way you have all engaged and participated over the last half of the semester. 
For this Friday you will each bring your workbook to show how much of our weekly assignments you have completed. In addition you will each write a one page paper based on a case study from our book to turn in at the beginning of the class.

The case studies you can pick from are: 

  • CS Lewis, The Trilemma: the deity of Christ (Chapter 8)
  • The Bible, You cannot serve both God and mammon. (Chapter 9)
  • David Hume, The Problem of Evil (Chapter 13)
  • John Cassian, Is Mary the Mother of God (Chapter 14)

For the paper: 

Write a paragraph explaining the argument. Write 2-3 paragraphs on why you think the argument is sound or unsound.

See you guys Friday! It’s been a fun semester! 
– Rob