7th Grade Jensen’s Grammar

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break with family. We have so much for which to give thanks to our good God who is so faithful to His people. Now Christmas break is right around the corner!

Jensen’s Grammar 7 assignment for December 6th: Take home Test 6 is due. The back page is bonus for the last time and will be graded beginning with the next test. Study any mistakes from Test 5. An optional way to study is take Test 6B from the test booklet as a pre-test.

Review/reread lesson 32. Work homework exercises 31-32. There is no need to review or reread lesson 31. We will not complete the basic sentence patterns assignments in Jensen’s grammar. This was covered thoroughly in Shurley English in elementary, and I have found that students are often confused by how Mr. Jensen teaches this with different letters for the parts of speech labels plus the patterns are listed in a different number order. Students may skip this portion of each forthcoming homework exercise.

Parents, please check work using the answer key and help with correcting mistakes. Bring any questions to class. Bring the workbook to class every week.

Looking ahead: There will not be a semester exam in this class since each test is cumulative.