1st and 2nd Grade Science

Hi Parents!

My goal for this class is to take a topic covered in the reading and do a craft with them.  I will read excerpts to them and ask them questions about the reading as we do the crafts.  Occasionally I have an experiment for them to do at home because it is not feasible for us to do in the classroom.  If the assignment comes from the notebook, I will either copy it or take a photo of it with my phone and text it to you.  I did not assign any other work except for a project later in the year for them to do at home.  Last week I wasn’t thinking and put an activity that you guys did not have. I will text it out to you soon.  Since there are only 4 students in the class, I will keep you updated through texts as needed.

Thanks!  Kristie Stevens  832-265-6924