9th-12th Literature

  • 9th-12th Literature

    August 30

    Aug. 30 ATTENTION!!!!  We will do the plot chart for this book in class together and the character analysis. Read Epic of Gilgamesh, pp. 29- end. Answer and be prepared to discuss the following questions in class. What does Gilgamesh say about the gods? What does Gilgamesh say about man? What does Gilgamesh say about mortality? What does Gilgamesh say about salvation? What does Gilamesh say about the afterlife?  How does the author set Gilgamesh up to be a type of savior for the story? How does Gilgamesh succeed, and how does he fail?  From the reading, how much do you think the early Babylonian pagans understood about the state of…

  • 9th-12th Literature

    Aug. 19-23

    Literature 9th-12th Grade Please read “Introduction to the Great Books” from A Guide to the Great Books; “The Devil Has No Stories: in the introduction in Heroes of the City of Man pp. 13-38; Omnibus handout on The Epic of Gilgamesh; Stirling Bridge pages on The Epic of Gilgamesh pp.1-4; read The Epic of Gilgamesh-Introduction pp.1-28 Parents please be aware that you need to preview pages 6-8, 29, 31, 46, 86, 87 for inappropriate content.  Thank you