What is due on 9/25 in Geometry

That email went out before I finished it- sorry!

You have your first test this Friday , 9/25.

The test will have a Geometry part and an algebra part.

The geometry part will consist of 10 definitions that you will need to write out and then 15 Geometry problems to work much like the ones in the student workbook.

The algebra part will be 10 equations/inequalities.

Finish filling out the Vocabulary sheet that I handed out in class Friday.
Do Test 2 in the Test booklet
(Check your answers in the hardback book)

Do Test 3 in the test book(check answers)
P. 753 section 6.1 , 1-15 odd

Do test 4 in the test book
P.754 section 6.2 , 1-13 odd
P. 754 section 6.3, 1, 17, 21, 27

Do test 5 in test book
P. 755, section 6.5 , 1-29 odd

Remember you can also do any of the lessons that we didn’t do to help you review for the test. Test 1 in the test book is good too.

Study all your homework and notes.
Let me know if you have questions,
Mrs A