what is due in trig by 4/19

Hello all!
For trig this week , continue reading about Fred. Just a reminder of last week’s assignment in case you need to catch up – it was to read p. 7-10, p. 17-29(be sure to do Your Turn to Play, which from now on I will call ***(YTTP)***. And choose one city to do. I would choose one that has the answers provided and check those answers.
Also for Thursday, read over p. 34-39 review, and ch. 2, p. 40-57( do YTTP on 43,49,53 and 56) and then pick a city from ch. 2 from pages 58-60.
Read over the review of functions on p. 62-66.

For your homework grade , I will be looking for YTTP from chapter one, a city from ch. 1, YTTP from ch. 2 and a city from ch. 2. AND last but not least, you should have questions 1-12 worked from the review final exam in algebra.
Class will meet Thursday morning at 9:45 at West Jackson. Bring a snack 🙂
Happy reading!

Let me know if you have any questions,