What is due for 11/3-11/7 in Algebra I

p.266 2-12 even answers below

p. 751 Lesson 5.2 , 1- 21 odd
Answers to p. 751 on page 853

Even answers to page 266
2. yes
4. yes
6. Domain {5,7,12,13}
8. D {34,4,10,9}

p. 752 Lesson 5.4 1-27 odd answers on page 853
p. 312 55-71 odd

p. 752 Lesson 5.5 1-39 odd answers on page 854
Read p. 318 -320
Watch the video on Ch 5. Lesson 5-1 from the link I sent out last week

p. 753 Lesson 5.6 1-35 odd Answers on p. 854

Study all your homework and notes from chapter 5!! Study all the examples that I have worked in class and your test tomorrow will be similar to the test on p. 271 that we worked in class on Friday. You will not have problems like 5-7, 13-17 or 27 but you could have any of the other type problems on your test.
Study by working lots and lots of problems and be sure that you know how to find the slope of a line and can write the equation of a line using the MAGIC formula!
Remember also that the equation for a vertical line is X=C where C is what ever number the x value is in the point. For example the equation for the vertical line through the point (4,5) is X=4.

Let me know if you have any questions,
Mrs. A