What is due 9/18 in Algebra II

Read p. 43-48 carefully. Take note of p. 43 where domain of a rational expression is discussed.
P. 50, 1-19 odd
Do 1/2 of the review sheet that I gave out in class

P. 50, 21-35 odd

P. 51, 39-57 odd

P. 74-76 READ carefully
P. 79, 73-79 odd
P. 82, 20-22all (I’ll send out answers to even ones)
Finish up the review sheet that I handed out in class

Remember you have a test on 9/25 covering sections R.1-R.5.
Come to class ready to ask any questions from these sections.

Have a good week and let me know if you have any questions,
Mrs. A