Pre-algebra assignment for week 1 due 8/30

Hi all,
I want to begin pre-algebra this year with some review and I have had Ben and Claire go through the ALEKS program to review.
It is an individualized program that will take them where they are and give them problems where they are and move them on. After you go to and you are on the first screen, type in free trial in the upper right hand search box. Do not click on the green arrow that says free trial -this is only a very short version. Then choose the free 2 month trial for aleks math. You should be able to register your name and your students name and follow the prompts to get them registered. k-12 is the market and under level middle school and under course middle school math 2. Have your student work through the first 30 or so questions.
We will spend the first 4 weeks reviewing using this system. Please let me know if you have technical problems or can’t get your trial to come up.
They should be able to complete at least the middle school level 2 and fill out their pie.

I sent the above email last week and I want each student to work through the first assessment this week (that didn’t complete it last week)and begin working on the type problems that you did not do well on.
Again, please print out your progress and bring it to class on Friday.
Let me know if you have any questions.