Geometry homework due on 9/19

p.280, 15-41odd
p.272. 7-12 all,18-22all

p.286, 19-71 odd

p.293, 19-39 odd
p. 310, 1-35 odd
p.312, 55-71 odd These are absolute value, so be sure to start out with 2 problems on most of them. ( remember there are 2 exceptions to this rule-when the absolute value is greater than/less than or equal to a negative there will be no solution and when the abs. value is greaterthan/less than or equal to a zero there will be 1 solution)
All answers except p. 272 should be in the back of the book. Check your answers as you are working the problems.

Remember to reverse the inequality sign if you divide or multiply by a negative.



Let me know if you have questions,
Mrs. A