Geo due on 1/15

We will have a test on 1/15 on lessons 18-22.
Don’t forget to send me pictures of your homework or get your parent to send me a text or email stating that you completed your work for the week.

Lesson 21 A, D
Algebra red book
Read p. 438-440
P. 441, 9-37 odd

Lesson 21 E, lesson 22 A and C
Read p. 448-450
P. 450, 13-59 odd

Lesson 22 D and E lesson 23,A
Algebra read p. 452-454
P. 455, 19-41 odd

Lesson 23 C,D and E
Algebra p. 462/63, 11-37 odd

Hope you have a good week!
Mrs A