Algebra II due on 1/8

Well, hello and happy new year!!
I hope you all enjoyed your break and I’m certain that you have missed doing algebra 😉

Read p. 182-190 carefully and put examples in your notebook. Be sure to send me pictures of those written in your notebook. Let me remind you that the notebook from this year is very important. If you will keep your notes, homework and examples organized, you can use them when you take college algebra and when you take the ACT. Believe me you will be glad you have it!!

P. 190, 1-33 odd

Do the problems from photo 1,2 and 3 from the next email that I will send out (this is the same one I sent out the week of 12/6 and that you were supposed to print out and bring to class on 12/6)

Do problems from photo 4 and 5 from the same email.
Send me pictures of your worked out problems.

See you Friday,
Mrs A